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I've had a very versatile and diverse career in the production community. I was fortunate enough to have started my passion in my mid-teens. I have over 39 plus years of Television Production experience with over 35 years of it in live event productions. I have worked on several types of events from national broadcasts (news, sports, magazine shows, reality television, and commercials) to corporate, from web-based productions to live events (on national, regional, and local stages). My diverse skill set has offered me opportunities in a multitude of positions, including Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, AC (Assistant Camera), DIT (Digital Imaging Technician), Media Manager, Audio Tech (both as an "A1" & "A2"), Post Production Supervisor, Editor (On-line/Off-line), Compositor/Animator and as a Technical Consultant. I have done it ALL. I have been invited to Direct the highest-rated event show on Iowa Public TV for 10 years. My love for teamwork shows with multifarious background, and I would be a perfect fit for your crew in any capacity.  Check out the video below from our sponsored event for

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