I've had a very versatile and diverse career in the production community. I was fortunate enough to have started my passion in my mid-teens. I have over 38 plus years of Television Production experience with over 36 years of it in live event productions. I have worked on several types of events from national broadcasts (news, sports, magazine shows, reality television, and commercials) to corporate, from web based productions to live events (on national, regional, and local stages). My diverse skill set has offered me opportunities in a multitude of positions, including: Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, AC (Assistant Camera), DIT (Digital Imaging Technician), Media Manager, Audio Tech (both as an "A1" & "A2"), Post Production Supervisor, Editor (On-line/Off-line), Compositor/Animator and as a Technical Consultant. I have done it ALL. I have been invited to Direct the highest rated event show on Iowa Public TV for 8 years. My love for teamwork shows with multifarious background, and I would be a perfect fit to your crew in any capacity.  Check out the video below from our spocered event for Comfycozys.com